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Meeting in San Francisco, Friday November 22, 2002

Breakaway with Charles Fred, CEO
The Breakaway Group

+ Exciting Mystery Speaker

+ Debrief on TechLearn and eLearning Guild

The Banker's Club
(atop the BofA Bldg at California and Montgomery)

Coffee at 8:30 am. Lunch with be served.


Meeting in San Francisco, Friday, December 6, 2002

Corporate Universities

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in 2002

November 22
December 6

Meeting times
8:30 am - coffee
8:45 am - intros
9:00 am - program
noon - sandwiches


$20 at the door unless you are a speaker or participant in Learning on Demand.


eLearning Forum members Heather Cole and Jane Knight have just released the inaugural edition of the European eLearning Directory 2003. Members looked through an advance copy at our September session in Menlo Park.

The Directory lists the primary clients, size, services, and differentiation of more than 300 vendors in Europe.

eLearning Forum members may purchase the Directory for $195, a discount of about 20%. Go to Enter the code DIR20 to receive the discount.



Our New Mission

IT Professional Development Day

San Jose State will hold its annual IT Professional Development Day on Wednesday- October 30th from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Sponsored by the Instructional Technology Department, the event will take place at the SJSU Faculty Club at 8th and San Salvador Sts. - across
from the main campus.

During the afternoon local business and industry groups will provide
information on available practicum slots and on upcoming activities.
Students will also have the opportunity to network with each other and to
obtain information on IT professional organizations. Finally, information
about IT careers and jobs will be available.

Light seasonal refreshments (it is Halloween time) will be provided by the
Instructional Technology Department. Door prizes will be given away throughout the afternoon. All IT students and alumni are encouraged to attend - to network - to obtain information about IT jobs and careers.

Please call Professor Patty Viajar - 924-3618 or email at for more information.


We screwed up the webcast of last month's session, essentially keeping our remote members in the dark. This was human error. Ours. We're taking a deep breath and figuring out how to fix our lousy distance performance.

In the meantime, we are preparing a replay of the September meeting, with audio, for delivery from the website.


Meeting in Menlo Park, Friday, September 27, 2002

eLearning for End-User Customers

People around the world need to know how to assess their telephone needs, what models are best for them, and how to operate the phone they buy. They need to know how to add services. When looking for a replacement phone, they need to know what's available that they don't already have and what's the natural upgrade product to choose.

How many people? 200,000,000.

Join us on Friday morning to hear Stefaan van Hooydonk, Nokia's director of eLearning, and Andreas Forsberg, senior eLearning specialist, outline Nokia's plans for tackling this mammoth challenge.

Taking its lead from Nokia's presentation, a panel will address best practices for customer eLearning and for massive global projects. Panelists include:

  • Michael Carter, AllLearn
  • Steven Elliott, Calix
  • Jim Schuyler, Red7
  • Claudia Welss, Meta-Learning Lab

Meeting in Menlo Park, August 19, 2002
eLearning + Enterprise Systems

Click to hear Sam Adkins' presentation on ERP & eLearning.

If you are on a slow connection, give the application a little while to download. This requires Java. Cut on your speakers! Please tell us if you think we should record all eLearning Forum presentations this way.

If you want to do this, drop me a note and I'll email you information.

Click to listen in on the panel discussion where SAP and PeopleSoft discuss their integration of eLearning and ERP with members of eLearning Forum.

Click to hear PeopleSoft's Becky Mason.

Click to hear SAP's David Ludlow.


Click for ERP layout

Symposium in Menlo Park, September 5-6, 2002
Learning Object Symposium
Creating a Culture of Learning Object Design

Hosted by the Learnativity Alliance, SCRI-Business Intelligence, the eLearning Guild, and the eLearning Forum. Presentations and outcomes are here.

eLearning Forum's Board of Directors has issued a refinement of our mission, values, and services for members' review and comment. This narrated version is a test of a neat new tool that compresses PowerPoint files into lightweight, plug-in free, web-deliverable content. Easy to use? I downloaded the program less than an hour ago. jay

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The eLearning Supplier Summit, of which eLearning Forum was a sponsor, was a success. Information on several of the sessions appears on Jay's blog.


An Evolving White Paper
Best Practices for Dynamic Webcast Meetings

September '02. We blew it. Big time. Primarily our fault, not Centra's. Murphy's Law prevailed. SRI changed their IP numbers on us. The local Sheraton has only low-speed connections, so we didn't get Nokia's presentation in time. Jay had lost the dongle to hook his PC to the projector; the fellow he'd chosen as backup changed his email address with no notice over the weekend, so the presentation disappeared into the ether.

eLearning Jobs & Services

Times are tough. Lots of amazingly talented people are looking for work, either a permanent job or a consulting gig. Six months later: no improvement yet.

If you lack staff to carry out eLearning projects, post your needs in eLearning Work Offered.

If you're looking for an eLearning job or project, feel free to post in eLearning Work Wanted. Be discrete; anyone can read this.


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